Lady GaGa or Audrey Hepburn?

Example of Designer Balloon DressYes I confirm I am a Audrey Hepburn style fan and I wish I had her effortless grace. But I am me and to be honest I am quite happy in my shoes. However!, there is a side of me that every now and again wants to escape and stride out in an outrageous Lady GaGa inspired number just for the heck of it. So, for those of you who also have a Lady GaGa leaning every now and again, check out these frocks I can assure you everyone is bespoke and will not be found on the high street.

Created to demonstrate the balloon artists skills and their craft, these balloon frocks are pure works of art and I have utter admiration for the artists who studiously create these stunning dresses.

Peruse these balloon frocks with care and start channeling your inner GaGa!